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Undercover investigations by professional agents based in Brighton

Undercover Investigations

A.Y. Investigations will uncover the facts you need discreetly.Loss Reduction Services


Investigations of this nature will typically be carried out by one of our operatives adopting an undercover position, posing as a co-worker, contractor or "friend" within the client business.


Evidence will be collated, recorded on audio and/or video tape as appropriate, and submitted back to the client together with any relevant investigation notes.






Examples of activities we investigate:


  • Internal theft within retail and wholesale businesses
  • Company Fraud
  • Tracing stolen goods and business assets
  • Compliance with company policies and procedures
  • C.V. checking and verification

We have both the techniques and the experience to remain undercover at all times, and to obtain the quality of evidence that you need.


We invite you to contact us in confidence and look forward to helping you.